That Place With The Wonky Church

by Conor Graves

the project focuses on a large historical market town in the borough of chesterfield, derbyshire.

the project was formed and enhanced by the uk lockdown restrictions throughout covid 19, as i was encouraged to move back to my hometown of chesterfield from manchester where i was studying. the move back home provided me with a great appreciation of the town, bringing back great feelings of nostalgia from my childhood. i wanted to showcase these significant areas in the form of imagery as i feel a large part of the population can relate to these environments; out-dated markets, british council estates, working mens clubs, etc. from growing up in chesterfield i have noticed the ever present stigma surrounding the younger generation and the difficulty in expressing themselves creatively; whether this is through personal style or hobbies and interests. on the other hand there is a large presence of elderly people who have lived in the town all their lives and are comfortable in residing here, sticking to their regular routines. the large age gap in the social groups which dominate chesterfield shows the difficulty in escaping a small town, especially for younger adults. in my personal experience this lead to creating my own ‘fun’ in “that place with the wonky church”.
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